Food staples around the world.

Food staples are foods consumed in different parts of the world that are eaten in large quantities. Some food staples around are peanut butter, rice, sweet potatoes, millet, wheat, plantain, taro and wheat.

Here’s a great recipe for a soup made with a peanut butter base:  chop onions, carrots, celery and heat in butter, add tomato soup and blend in peanut butter, add spices like cumin and red pepper. This is a delicious and easy to make soup that is tasteful and unique.

Polenta is made of corn and prepared in a numbers of ways. It is not a food staple per se but can be used in many dishes. I personally love a variety of foods and flavors and have explored preparing recipes from around the world.  My latest adventures have been with Indian dishes using chicken. The spices used are blended leaving an aromatic blend that enhances any dish.

Part of the draw of living in larger cities are the varieties of food you can find in restaurants or the resources of unusual food to prepare on your own.  Southern California has a lot of options from German deli’s with homemade german sausage and slow cooked red cabbage with steak tartare to San Diego style mexican cuisine.

Phoenix Arizona has a lot of variety as well with added American Indian dishes and influence from the latino population there. 30% of the population in Arizona is latino. You can find some of the most authentic mexican dishes in restaurants in Phoenix. Try in Scottsdale for a fresh and tasteful south of the border experience.